Are you Alone?

Do you wonder if you’re the only one celebrating the 4th of July?

Are you the only American who holds dear the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
No, you are not alone.

There are countless others who share your spirit and passion, and in fact, share the spirit of the Founders of our Nation, whose brave and bold action on behalf of freedom we mark and celebrate this weekend.
There are many who are deeply troubled by the surge in hysteria and rioting, in mayhem and lawlessness. Like you, they too know all this has nothing to do with real justice, but everything to do with destroying this great Nation, because in chaos, the foes of America’s ideals will seek power.

It’s intimidating. And you worry:
What is becoming of America? What is to become of America?

In desperation we may turn to our leaders for action, but to our great disappointment find them as “sunshine patriots” just as Thomas Paine described nearly 250 years ago. They are “sunshine patriots,” shrinking from their oath to serve our country at an hour of great need.
It is up to us to stand for America.
Now is the time to be honest about the intentions of our nation’s domestic enemies. Now is the time to dedicate ourselves to preserving this great nation. Now is the time to be true to a birthright that commands us to make this an even more perfect Union. To be true to allegiance’s pledge of justice for all.

The times of July 1776 tried Americans’ souls, and so do the times of the present. They are proving climactic, which is why America needs YOU – to hold to our founding truths and our unalienable rights, to protect them from those seeking their destruction, to refuse to be intimidated and silenced and canceled by the howling mob.
Know this: We are at such an hour demanding action worthy of America’s Forefathers.
Know this: We are committed to real justice for all, to our freedoms, to our livelihoods and neighborhoods and neighbors.
Know this: We love America, warts and all, blessed by the Creator, humanity’s greatest hope, improving always to achieve its unique potential.
Know this: Like the patriots who signed our blessed Declaration of Independence, you are, most definitely, not alone.

With hope for our State,
Jim Townsley
Candidate for State Representative Southington / Berlin
Adapted for use by Townsley for State Representative.