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I'm asking for your vote in the August 11 Primary.

As a 45 year resident of Southington, I am greatly burdened with the fact that so many people and companies are leaving. Sadly, our state government continues to ignore this crisis. My motivation is completely centered on saving our state. I am committed to preserving a way of life centered on individual freedom, financial responsibility, and practical values. I will fight against the trend of families leaving Connecticut due to high taxes and increasing costs by fighting for reduced spending and fiscal common sense in Hartford.

A vote for Jim is a vote for:

  • A Balanced Budget
  • Limited Government
  • 2nd Amendment Freedoms
  • A fight against tolls

A Vision for our State

Tolls will not solve our financial crisis. Charging for plastic bags and raising the deposit on beverages is not the answer. Increasing fees and red tape only add to the exodus of businesses and families. Our government needs to tighten its budget, just like the families of our communities have done. Our state has mismanaged its finances and made decisions that hurt people rather than help them. Someone needs to stand up and say, "stop the spending, stop raising taxes on the citizens of our state." My desire is to give the hope to the people of Berlin, Southington, and our state, that we can do better.


A Committment to Stand for Truth

My entire life has been about serving others. I have helped people through the hardships and struggles of life. I have stood with grieving mothers at the bedside of a son who overdosed from opioids. I have provided hope for couples who had given up on their marriage or faced financial ruin. I have spent countless hours helping people with addictions. My goal is to represent every person with fairness and bring common sense to our state.


Jim Townsley is a courageous voice that you can depend on.

Learn more about the issues:

Reducing Wasteful Spending

Encourage Limited Government

Fight against Tolls and Taxation

Defend 2nd Amendment Rights

Preserve Individual Liberty

Stand for Religious Freedom

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